Genova “La Superba”

Always passed by – never visited!

The inhabitants call the city of Genoa “the proud one”.  You can see it used to be a very rich town. One palazzo after the other, one more glorious than the other!

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The streets are very narrow even the boulevards. When we take a side road/alley -oops, we are in the red-light district! It isn’t very easy to find the way out again…

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Somewhen we reach the harbour. The harbour of Genoa is the second largest of the Med after Marseille. The lighthouse “La Lanterna” reaches 117m above the sea level. In 1326 it was supplied only with an oil lamp to serve the sailors as guidance. Nowadays the 1000 W bulb reaches 36 sea miles.


Huge cruise liners and trapping yachts are berthing at the pier.

We are not very fond of these modern structures.


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