Southern Coast of Sicily

The coast between Sciacca and southeastern edge  Sicily’s is characterized by greenhouses. For many kilometers we drive through plastic… The whole countryside is covered by plastic – most of the time up to the coastline. It is very difficult to reach the beach. We try several times but end up with many detours back on the main road. There is only one solution: through this area as fast as possible! We had one major stop: For the night at a nice official campground – there is a nice beach, but no, thank you! That is no our way to spend our vacation!

Portopalo is a small fishing port on the southeast edge of Sicily.


It is very buzzing at the waterfront.  The big fishing boats anchor further out, the catch is brought by small boats on shore and gets auctioned there.



Four years ago we already visited the Vendicari Nature Reserve and stayed in the Agritourismo Calamosche. It still exists, it has been extended and upgraded. What a pity that the nature doesn’t bloom like at that time. Everything is dry by now


These pictures are from four years ago and show the blooming.

325 vendicari1_new

338 blueten1_new

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