Sciacca is situated on a hill right on the coast. One has to climb up many many steps to reach the city and the old town – no use for our bikes! The city gate is on the upper end and and the entire traffic goes through it.

Besides the catching of tunafish the city is famos for the production of ceramic.

Unfortunately our nice restaurant with the excellent food doesn’t exist anymore.


But we haven’t climbed the steps for nothing. We get a pizza and in addition a magnificent view.


Once again we find a dream campside for the night – sandy beach (still too cold for us), excellent restaurant and unusual guests!



Till then the worls is ok – besides that we locked out ourselves… but luckily a window is open. But when it happened again with no windows open – this is tough. I won’t tell how we managed but we do without damaging anything. In eight years it never happened and now twice on one day!!!

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