Garibaldi and Marsala

From our camp side we have a beautiful sunset and in the morning a gorgeous view to Marsala.



Garibaldi and his “mille” men landed in Marsala in May 1860 making it the first city of united Italy. From here he started his crusade through all of Italy.



Garibaldi is present all over the city. Throughthe Porta Garibaldi one enters the city.


Right behind is the old fish market. Some of these fishes I would prefer to see while diving!


On of the churches of Marsala is covered with frescos from floor to top.

Wine and olives alternate in the country and the coast between marsala and Sciacca. Here grows most of the Sicilan wine.

The British merchant John Woodhouse arrived in 1773 on the island. With his Spanish experience he mixed the yellow wine with brandy and juice as a counterpart to sherry, porto and Madeira. The Marsala ripes according to quatlity one to ten years in old oak barrels.CIMG63701_new CIMG63601_new

The settlement “Tre Fontane” is a daunting example for destroying a lovely coast for kilometers with houses which are never used except – maybe – in season. During the other month the sand is getting the road back…


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