Piazza Garraffello

On a small place in the Vucciria a woman drags our attention because she is sitting on a pedestal with a sign “bancomat”.


We start to talk. This is one of the oldest Piazzas of Palermo. The first building of the “Banca Nazionale” was here.


Now the beauty of former days is totally gone. Only the small well is still there.


Some years ago the EU gave a lot of money to restore and protect the place and the buildings. But as it happens so often (everywhere) the money disappeared – no one knows where to! Artists and musicians occupied the piazza and used it for concerts and exhibitions.


After continuing rainfalls in February 2014 some of the buidings collapsed partly and the place had to be barred. Now the city council has started once again to raise and provide money for protecting. But where will the money go this time? The group around this woman wants the people living and working here to do it on their own to be able to work and live here out of their own hands. But one needs a lot of imagination ….

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