Fatal Day or Lucky Day?

For one day – that’s what we thought. But it came different:

When we want to leave the hell breaks loose here. Horses, scooters, motor bikes… Eight days after Easter the horses get consecrated in a nearby church. For the feast afterwards they all come here. Of course that is worth some pictures!

All of sudden something hit me and I fall down. A car driver didn’t see me standing there by going backwards. The tire hit my foot which is now quite sore and bruised. I can stand on it but better to have a closer look by a professional. But the hospital in the outskirts of Messina – a story of its own. For hours happens nothing I just get wheeled through deserted floors of a deserted hospital.  After five hours eventually a doctor looks at my foot. Good news after all: Nothing broken only badly bruised. One can only hope not be in need of a hospital! The camera has survived the drop but my gorgeous zoom lens is broken.

Here is the last picture it took while dropping:



Luckily I have my small camera with me as a spare.


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