Along the Ionian Coast

Ionian Sea – that’s how the Mediteranean Sea is called between southern Italy and Greece. In Taranto the traffic is so heavy we are happy to leave the town behind us. We trundle along the coast but quite often the railway is between the beautiful beaches and the road. But with a bit of luck we manage to find some nice campsites.




By my walk I find a neptune along the road.

The Capo Colonna we have seen from the boat by sailing by but the memory trapped us. Instead of the expected temple only a single column stands (and stood) on the shore. It is all what is left of the temple of Hera, the once greatest sacred site on the Ionian coast.

Even small churches sometimes have treasures to show.

Le Castella is the only existing water castle in the very south. The Aragon Castel sits decoratively on an island surrounded by water.




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