The Skid of the Italian Boot

The Gargano is the skid of the Italian boot. We trundle the road along to Vieste.


This is the place we reached from Lastovo in Croatia with our sailboat „Geriatrix“ in 2005.


I remember a lot of wind as well but not as much as right now. It was May, all shops were open, the city was quite lively.  If you want to have a look check here. Today you hardly see anyone, it is rather dull. Therefore our walk is a short one.

Right next to our parking a pizzeria appears to be open. Unfortunately they serve pizza only in the evening but the „Spaghetti Vongole“ and „Calamari Fritti“ are excellent. Without asking for it we get served a tasty bruschetta and a colorful desert including a limoncello liquer. I never had it before but it was reallly good – not sweet and sticky as expected. The entire team says „good bye“ to us, the host / chef even knows a bit of German. The Pizzeria „Pizzomunno“ is really recommendable if you evr come to Vieste. Just around the corner of the town’s landmark of Vieste with the same name.

After Vieste the sandy beaches become steep cliffs. The road is cut in the rock.Now we appreciate the signs „caduta sassi“ and „caduta massi“! All the time there rocks lying on the road and once a huge one even drops down right in front of us. Pew, that was luck!


The coast line is magnificent. It is a pity it is so cold.


No way to find a place for the night. Every little piece of land with access to the sea is camp side. We don’t have a problem with camp sides but they are all closed.

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