Through Umbria

Not very far from San Marino lies the small city of San Leo, according to our guide book worth a visit. Unfortunately no way for a camper to come close. Shame!



The highly praised renaissance city of Urbino has an official campground and a bus shuttle to reach the city. But we don’t like this city too much. The atmosphere is strange. There are several churches to look at and the huge Palazzo Ducale, which doesn’t look very inviting. After we read in our guide book what we missed inside. Perhaps we should have visited…

We like the little city of Gubbio much more. Maybe because of all the happy people who leave the churches with olive branches.




There is also a Palazzo Ducale, we reach it by climbing narrow road steep alleys. Most likely it is similar to the one we missed yesterday. The wooden intarsies are certainly worth a visit and something very special.


The next city on our list and road is Perugia. But it is so crowded that we leave right away.



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