From school I remember the Mausoleum of Theoderich but that’s about it. Ravenna has so many pieces of art and history  mostly preserved in the original state. Right now there a very few tourists in Ravenna but obviously all school classes of Italy are visiting – and they all have a loud lecturing teacher in front who shoos them all over the city. We try to escape them but no chance…

The mostly clerical treasures are enormous. There is not much difference between the bishops from today and from centuries ago. One has window frames of bronze and the older one a throne cut of ivory… It is not allowed to take pictures in the Bishops Palace… but in the nearby cathedral…

The Battisterio Neoniano is well appointed with intarsia of marble, stucco plasterings and artful mosaics.


We cannot see much of the huge baptistery in the middle – you wonder why?


The Basilica San Vitale…


and the Mausoleo di Galla Placidia are over and over covered with colourful mosaics. Only little light comes through the windows covered with thin alabaster.

The Mausoleo de Teoderico is situated outside of town not far from our campside. It is a huge octagonal stone building but inside rather poor – besides the huge marble bathtub … sorry it is a sarkophag…

So much culture in one day! We are lucky to have our bikes otherwise our feets would be very tired….


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