Sept. 25th: Cortina

We drive again in the heart of the Dolomites. In Lake Dürren we can see Monte Cristallo.

Unfortunately there are clouds around Tre Cimes and Lake Misurina, we can not see the famous three tips.


Lake Misurina
Lake Misurina

Direction Cortina the sun is back and the view to the magnificent mountain world.


The bike track from Cortina to Belluno  is on the old railway track. Rainer and Yves bring the campers down to Calalzo and come back up with the bus while Domy and I visit Cortina.

Unfortunately the sun is hiding behind the clouds during our bike trip down. But the track brings  much fun on the old train track built between 1914 and 1921.

The last train of the Dolomiti train ran 1964. Most of the time the trail goes downwards but a few times we have to go uphill. We pass really cute old stations and old tunnels.

The last ones confuse our leaders Rainer and Yves and we roll down in the wrong valley.It is quite hard to come up from this steep valley again and we are nackered when we reach our parked campers.


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