Sept. 24th: Biking in Val Pusteria

The campground in Villabasso (Niederdorf) before Dobiacco (Toblach) is quite nice with all the mountains around.

The bike track is close by. Till Dobiacco we have to climb up with our bikes, after they roll down.

San Candido (Innichen) is a nice place but again we are there when all shops are closed. Ok, we go a liitle bit further – no problem with the wheels spinning.

The next village is Versciaco (Vierschach), there is a restaurant with a terrace which looks quite nice. Rainer gets his pizza in two (!!!) minutes after ordering. That can not be true. It is not even hot! The waiter says: “No problem, we make a new one!” and brings two minutes later exactly the same pizza, just a tick more hot. Rainer is rather p… when the waiter says he has watched it freshly made. When accusing him lying he blushed. We have to pay the boss, Rainer’s pizza has been taken off the bill. Our coffee we have at market place in San Candido on the way back. The nice waitress knew rightaway and told us no local would go there anymore.

San Candido
San Candido

We do a bit sightseeing in the small town.

Such a little town and two enormous churches!

Of course we have to buy speck at Senfter, the famous speck producer. It has changed a lot in the years we haven’t been here. The small butchery has become a huge delicatessen shop.


Till Dobiacco the track is still going uphill vice versa then in the morning, but then our bikes are rolling down to the campground.

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