War in the Dolomites

1915 Italy enters the war and a gruel mountain war starts between Italy and Austria. The front goes right through the Dolomites. Every where in this mountains you can find witnesses of this past.

Down to the east from Piz Pordoi one can see a strange round building. It is a memorial for the Austrian-Hungarian (81 289) and German (454) soldiers who lost their life in the first world war.


The small church of Arabba is one of the few buildings which survived the Italian Inferno. The village  was almost totally destroyed.

 Church od Arabba
Church od Arabba

The Col di Lana was an important strategical point from where four important passes could be watched. On the summit (2425m) there is a bomb crater due to the 5000kg mine which killed or wounded the Austrian occupation forces in 1916.


Col di Lana
Col di Lana

When you drive down the serpentines to Rocca Pietore you can view the Italian war cemetry looking like a huge cross from above.

The whole area of the Marmolada mountain (3343m) was combat zone. In an altitude of more than 3000m embettered fights took place. To escape the offensive of the Italians the Austrians built tunnels and galleries in the ice all through the whole glacier. The soldiers lived under incomprehensible conditions there in the ice.



At the edge of the Lake Fedaia below the Marmolada mountain is a private museum of this war, one of several in the Dolomite area. Even 2012 a cap of a soldier was found on the glacier. Who knows what else is still hidden there.


War Museum
War Museum

These are the few things we saw and it makes you shocked. It all should be a sign hopefully this might have been the last war.


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