Pozza di Fassa, Pera, Marin, Campitello – all the villages we pass bring up memories from the time we have been skiing here many many years ago.

“In this house we stayed! Here is still the pizzeria we always went! And here we have waited in a long queue for the old single chair lift!!

And of course Canazei, the heart of this area.


The little pub near the bridge we always went after skiing still exists.

But otherwise a lot has changed. The main road doesn’t go through the old village center anymore. Many new hotels and apartment houses have been built. The old “Croce Bianca” has got a modern facelift.


But all shops and most of the restaurants are closed. Why? Because of richness? Or only open in winter? Or because even the summer season has ended? Or simply lunch break?  Most likely a little bit of every thing!


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