Sept. 16th/17th: Altenburg – Castelvecchio

The first rays of the sun on Latemar and Rosengarten – beautiful!

first sun rays on Latemar
first sun rays on Latemar

We wait for the tow truck. Fortunately the car is working again and it is not necessary. to put it on the tow truck. We follow it to the workshop in Bozen. We are just in time for their lunch break… Two hours later Domyves Camper gets a check-up: car is running, no problem can be found!! We cross our thumbs!

We drive to Altenburg – Castelvecchio high above Lake Kaltern and stop at a nice place between apple plantations and vineyards. Unfortunately it starts to drip and during the night we have a heavy thunderstorm.

In the morning the world is ok again.

The small church St. Vigilius has a multicolored roof. Inside we find a huge altar we didn’t expect in a small church like that.

Right behind is a view point to Lake Kaltern.

Lake Kaltern
Lake Kaltern 

A steep path leeds to an early christian church ruin from 5th century.

Even further down via steep stairs and paths I reach the Rastenbach Gorge. Quite nice – but I have to come up again.


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