The myth of Laurin, the king of the dwarfs

Where today is only rough rock Laurin, the king of the dwarfs had his castle. All his pride was a rose garden where red roses bloomed all year round. Laurin owned a belt which gave him the strength of 12 men and a magic hood which made him invisible. He fell in love with a princess named Simhild. He kidnapped and married and lived with her in his castle. With a trick her brother and his knights snatched the belt and the magic hood from Laurin and freed Princess Simhild. Laurin couldn’t take revenge but he could make his  empire inaccessible. With a magic spell the castle disapeared and the rose garden grew blanche. But Laurin had made a mistake. He hadn’t thought about the twilight in the evening. That’s why we can see the rose garden glooming in the twilight today – full of red blooming and glooming roses like at that time when the rose garden as all the pride of Laurin, the unhappy king of the dwarfs.

Rosengarten- Catinaccio
Rosengarten- Catinaccio
the rose graden of King Laurin
the rose garden of King Laurin

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