Two days in Madrid

May 26th

In the morning the temperature is 5°! I feel sorry for the Polish guy in his little tent. We risk the route via the mountains to Madrid – no snow on the road but half of Madrid seems to be here! We take the even smaller route across to passes (1800m and 1600m) with beautiful views.

001 Puerto de la Morcueira_new

The only Campground of Madrid in walking distance to the Metro – once again I like this kind of              transportation.Sunday morning in El Rastro, the old quarter of Madrid: fleemarket in all alleys and roads.

But also on the Plaza Mayor are many people who try to make a little money by making music or other

I trundle along the busy roads and places.

050 Palacio de Cibeles_new

With the help of the metro I reach the Palacio Real and the Cathedral Almudena.

I am not sure if I want to see another church, but than I step in. And it is really worth it. Late in the 19. century the construction was started and it ended in 1993.

The market hall of Madrid is more a “Fresstempel” than a place to shop. The prices are likewise. We stroll through the alleys and after having a 0.3l beer for 4,50€ we call it a day.


May 27th

On Monday all museums are closed – like everywhere. We are quite amazed to see people coming out of the famous Museo Thyssen-Bornemysza. A commercial action of MasterCard makes it possible and even for free!

After that we meet our dear friend Günter to spend the rest of the day with him and his family while a heavy thunder storm goes down over Madrid.

This should be enough for this time in Madrid. Tomorrow we are heading towards Germany.

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