May 23rd

Yesterday we have been travelling for 44 days and today we travelling together for 44 years. After a glas of bubbly we bike along the river to downtown Salamanca.

Of course we visit the market. Next to all kind of delicacies you can buy here suckling pig.

Each Spanish town has its Plaza Mayor but the one of Salamanca for sure is one of the largest and nicest. The huge square place is humming of live. We sit in one of the many cafés and just watch.

022 Plaza Mayor_new

You can also watch people when you turn round and look at the fassades. Each arkade bow is crowned by a famous Spaniard.

030 Plaza Mayor_new

Today the “Casa de la Conchas” hosts a public library. The facade of the palace (16th century) is decorated with scallops – that’s where the name comes from.

The huge baroque church La Clerica used to be the university of the pope.

058 La Clerica_new

Everything in Salamanca is monumental but the cathedral beats all. After visiting it I have a stiff neck!

The “Casa Lis” hosts an museum of art nouveau and art deco but the building itself is a dream. Unfortunately you can only take pictures from outside.

100 Casa del Lis_new

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