Algarve – the west coast

Five years ago the village Azenha de Mar offered us a gorgeous campsite, surrounded by rocks covered with nests housed by storks. With money of the EU the place has been made “nice”: lots of new parkings (very sloped, not usable for a camper), our perfect campsite is now a viewing point with benches (also not usable for us). The contruction work must have scared the storks away, only a few are left.

But the nice restaurant is still there. It is crowded like hell till late in the evening, but we get a tableand food, very good. We also realize that the clock is different in Portugal – one hour backwards. This solves our problem with “late getting up”!!!

In the morning every thing is quiet and the village goes back to normal sleepy existence.

We head for the next campground, we need to do some laundry. This campground is worth an explanation: On a huge area a thousand (I guess) all-year-round camper have their caravans – nobody is here, it looks pretty dead.

Ony at the gate to the beach are a few foreign campers and caravans. Every two hours the gate will be open for to go in and out. If you miss you have to wait two hours… What a silly system! But the beach (1000m to walk) is a dream!

060 Praia Sitava_new

We don’t trust the waterpipe at the campground. No problem –  in Portugal are everywhere wells with fresh water. That’s why we do a little detour in the countryside. Of course we don’t find a well but lots of cork trees. The bark gets peeled off,  then the tree is allowed roughly eight years to recover.

Back on the coast we visit Sines, the birthplace of Vasco da Gama. The little port has been expanded to an oil export harbour but in the old part of town there is no hectic .

We will have enough water for one more night. Again we find a campsite all for ourselves.




9 o’clock – we haven’t been on the road so early soince a long time! But due to a heavy rain we want to leave this sand track as quick as possible!

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