The last part of the Spanish coast

May 8th 

After so many days in cities and on camping places we want to be at the beach again. We drive to the other side of the Donana, quite a distance.

Our way leads us through the city of El Rocio, a dusty village with western atmosphere. All roads are covered with kneedeep sand, each house has a special “parking for horses”.

The people are beginning with the preparations for the “Romerio del Rocio”, a huge pilgrimmage and fair where over a million people are expected to participate. Most of them come by modern transportation but the true pilgrims arrive on foot, by horse or with the oxcart. After the village goes back to sleep.

We woulkd like to stay. The place is located at the edge of the NP La Donana where birds and horses and just plain nature can be watched and enjoyed. But to many cars race through the sand and cover everything with dust. Shame on them!

We keep going to the beech. The city of Matalascanas is a true city created on the green table. There are many “dead” houses, means nobody lives in, most of them are for sale. At the very end of the residential area is another entrance to the NP La Donana with a parking space next to the beech.

002 Strand_new

Not very far is a visitor and information center for the NP with walking tracks and bird viewing stations.

015 NP La Donana_new

This last part of the Spanish coast is completely overbuilt, but nobody lives here right now. Many “dead houses” again, two of three are for sale. But – the beech is gorgeous. There is nobody except Rainer – the tiny black spot!

021 La Antilla_new


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