The southern end of Europe

May 2nd

We roll along the Costa de la Luz. Beautiful sandy beaches but not so easy to find a campsite due to the long weekend beginning of May.

beach near Cabo Trafalgar
beach near Cabo Trafalgar

Cabo de Trafalgar

200 years ago the famous sea battle between England, France and Spain took place here.

lighthouse Cabo Trafalgar
lighthouse Cabo Trafalgar

At this coast the tuna fish gets hunted when they pass this coast. Actually this is the time for this but maybe the tuna is late this year. I don’t mind, because I am not keen on seeing this.


Everywhere in Conil de la Frontera big signs are put up that campers are not permitted. on the edge of the corniche two campers are already parking – we join them. The Guardia Civil passes several times so problem with staying here. During high season this signs make sense but not now.

corniche Conil de la Frontera
corniche Conil de la Frontera


Spain is the country of round-abouts and street bumpers. About every 500m the poor TomTom lady has to announce them…  At Cabo de Trafalgar was even a round-about for pedestrians!!!

roundabout for pedestrians
roundabout for pedestrians

The street bumpers are even more annoying. If they are not announced and we cannot break down in time all our clothes slip from the hangers in the drawer….

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