A day in Tanger


April 29th

In the morning the tips of the mountains are snow covered! The news tell there is 20cm of snow in Madrid and half of Spain is white! The weather has turned crazy!

Bye-bye and thank you, Monica and Tobi, once again we enjoyed our stay and your company, but we want to go more south – the temperature has to rise somewhen!!

We drive along the coast until we reach the southern tip of Europe, the city Tarifa. Africa is not far, we can see it! Why not go there for a day? We book a sightseeing tour to Tanger. I


n the morning the sky doesn’t look very inviting but as the day moves on the weather improves.

ferry to Tanger
ferry to Tanger

Unfortunately our tour guide gives hardly any information, our tip for him will be likewise… The lunch we get (couscous with cabbage!!!) is not very tasty.

couscous and cabbage
couscous and cabbage

We visit the Kasbah and have to join the unavoidable shopping shows. The vendors are kind of pestering but all this is nothing new to us. At the end of the day we get an impression of Tanger and have spent a pleasant day after all.



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