Finca MonTor

April 28th

Our swedish friends have chosen Frigiliana at the Costa del Sol for their home after leaving Saudi-Arabia. As usual we park at the petrol station because to reach Finca MonTor with our camper is not possible.

Tobi picks us up, it is nice to be back. But no harvesting mangos at this time of the year – but nice oranges, the juice can not be more fresh!


Monica’s garden is gorgeous, flowers everywhere.

The weather is pleasant, I take a sunbath. John – also a dear friend from Saudi times – complets our reunion. Together we have a very pleasant evening with memories from old times. We even sit outside – but covered in warm blankets.

Sunday morning Monica and I take a walk to the nice fish restaurant at the beach. Since the river in the valley carries a lot of water  we have to do some detours. We walk through a jungle of wild flowers, pass mandarin, mango and avocado trees.

_DSC3431 - Arbeitskopie 2_new

Our husbands have taken the car, this helps for the way back. After the superb meal the four of us are quite tired.

Later in the afternoon we hear thunder and a few drops of rain come down. The temperature goes down tremendously. Even it sounds strange – at the end of April on the Costa del Sol in the south of Spain  we drink Swedish Glögg!


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