Mountains and lakes

April 25th

Bye bye, Tereas and Tilo! Thank you for your hospitality, once again we enjoyed beeing with you but now we have to go back on the road.

Our route leads us to the country side to Riopar and to the “Chorros del Mundo”, the waterfall of the Rio Mundo. High above our heads the water shoots out of the rock.

012 Chorro del Mundo_new

Oranges, oranges – that’s what we saw around Valencia. Here we see Olives everywhere. The plantations reach as high up the mountains as possible, harvesting must be quite hard.

Between olive trees next to small chapel we find a very pleasant picknick spot which suits us perfect for the night.

Up and down the mountains across several mountain passes with many, many bends – that’s our resume for this part of our trip. Most of the time we are at an high altitude, the temperature is between 10 and 15 degrees during the  day, during the night – I don’t want to know..

The lakes we pass look wonderful with turquoise water. At the horizon the snow covered mountains of Sierra Nevada blink. Can you imagine a more beautiful campsite?


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