October 27th/28th: Sarlat – Digoin – Weinheim

The announced drop of temperature has reached us. 10-15° difference – that’s pretty cold. Only a few kilometer aside lies the medieval city of Sarlat. Its ochre houses have often been used as backdrop in movies.

Our main interest is the huge market which fills the streets on a saturday morning. One can get all kind of delicacies of this area but we are interested in cèpes,  We buy a large bag of this mushrooms we call in Germany “Steinpilz”. They are very fresh. At night I am busy for two hours cleaning them!


Once again our routes lead now in different directions. Domyves head North to Angers and we have to go northeast. Luckily we only cut a small edge of the Massif Central because to the right and left of the road is snow on the ground. And this in October! In Digoin we park directly at the banks of the river Loire for our last night. It looks beautiful outside but it is icy cold!


3 thoughts on “October 27th/28th: Sarlat – Digoin – Weinheim

  1. Hi there,

    I meant to reply sooner but forgot!

    We had a super tent camping holiday near Sarlat in the 1980s with the children. We remember how lovely the old town is.

    We are working hard on the photo book.

    Luv from anandave

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