Campsites October 13th – 16th

A couple of days late we hit the road Saturday afternoon and reach Pont-a-Mousson at the river Moselle. The campsite has been upgraded. The little old man at the house boat has been replaced by a young lady in a modern building. Instead of the grubby toilets and showers are there now nice modern facilities. Unfortunately nobody opened them on Sunday morning – most likely the young lady doesn’t work on Sundays.

The place we choose for our next night on Lac d’Orient is blocked with 2m barriers – not reachable for campers anymore! During high season I can understand but now at this time of the year? A bit further along the lake we find a parking that will do for the night – it pours down anyway!

In St-Denis at Domyves’ we stand at the parking lot. The sun is shining again, the world looks different.

Next day we head for the coast direction south west. A little forest looks like a place for growing mushrooms. And sure enough Domy finds four big eatable ones. We will have a yummy dinner!

But first we need a suitable place for the night. It starts getting dark and a small parking in a forest has to do. The choice isn’t bad after all. About 100m from us a deer family of four slowly crosses the road. And suddenly two big wild boars break out of the trees and cross as well.


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