August, 18th: Freiburg

Today we go to Freiburg, it is only 35 km to go. The campsite -what a difference! Yesterday just the four of us and today maybe 100 campers from everywhere one next to the other. But it isonly 2km to the city of Freiburg – you can’t have everything! Freiburg is a biker city, that is obvious. Biking tracks, even roads reserved for bikers, on the crossings bikers have priority over the bikes, bikes everywhere! It is market day and the place around the famous “Freiburger Münster” is filled with people and market stalls. A shame we cannot buy a lot because we have the bike, of course.

In the cathedral is market concert with the organ but it is so loud we leave immediately. No visiting of the cathedral- it would have been nice and cool in there!Freiburg’s city is a nice mixture of old and new. During our stroll we notice the idiosyncracy of Freiburg: The “Bächle” (tiny creeks) which run through almost every little lane. The net of the open waterways served by a small river nearby was used to get rid of garbage and to have water on hand in case of a fire. After WW2 they were rediscovered and renewed. By the heatwave right now people  sit and cool their feet in it. The kids of Freiburg have a wonderful water playground and put their tiny boats to swim.

We too feel very hot. We cycle back to the campsite and continue our visit later in the evening. It is not so crowded anymore – because all the people sit now in the open air restaurants and beergardens. It is not so easy to find a free table. But eventually we find a comfortable place and the day ends with cold beer and wine and special dishes from Freiburg!

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Campsite Freiburg: N 47°59’58”  E 7°49’32”


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