August 17th: Through the fertile plains of the river Rhine

It will get hot today – weather forecast says 38°! We should do something in the shade. We decide for  biking north to Rust. A very good decision. The track leads through the last authentic fertil plains in Germany along the river Rhine. You feel like biking in a rainforest – high overgrown trees, little ponds, beautiful.

For two kilometers we pass an Open Air Gallery with carvings from a local artist. Quite often he created his sculptures out of the trunks laying at the side of the path. You recognize them only when you are just in front of them and I am sure we missed a few.

Later our track leads through nearby villages and fruit plantations. Everything looks very neat and tidy.

On the side of a house are at least ten different kinds of nesting houses mounted with explanations which bird goes in which house.

From far away we can see the constructions of the Europa Park of Rust. And pretty soon we hear the screaming by going down the rollercoaster. The passing of this huge pleasure parc is a bit complicated but we manage.  The impression of the village of Rust is rather dead – no wonder next to this place – but we find an open restaurant and have a pleasant lunch.

The way back leads a bit along the river and back again through the fertile plains.

When we reach our campers the speedometer shows 48 kilometers – not bad!

In the night the milky way  isgorgeous, you really feel you are part of it!

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