Six Europeans in Berlin – music is in the air

Big question today: What are we going to wear? Weather forecast is noch very good, but right now it is sunny and hot, and tonight we have tickets for an Open Air Concert…

The U-Bahn brings us to the Alexander Place where we hop in an hop-on hop-off Bus. As you can see it is really hot!

We pass some of the highlights of Berlin including the “Siegessäule”. We hop off at the “Gedächtniskirche”, the ruin which has become a symbol against war and destroying. The old tower is in scaffolding but it will be kept as ruin.


Suddenly we hear the music of a street organ. Then we see street organs everywhere. Today is the International Festival of Street Organs!


Of course we also want to see the “New Gedächtniskirche” from inside. Blue glass windows give a very special atmosphere. In the church are placed 15-20 street organs, they are alllowed to give a concert of classical music for street organs today.


Of course we stay, it is fantastic but after a certain time we have to leave. The sky is very black. Where is our bus? It brings us to the “Gendarmenmarkt” and just before the big thunderstorm we make to a restaurant. Punctually to the opening of the Classic Open Air Concert the sun is out again! That’s called luck!

The “Gendarmenmarkt” is a gorgeous scenery for a concert with the Theater in the middle flanked by the French and the German Dom.


Unfortunately we are not so lucky with our tickets. We can here and see at least half of the musicians, but singers don’t move from side to side. For us they hide behind the statue of Schiller. What a pity! But we move to the side of the stage from where we can see better.



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