Six Europeans in Berlin-Biking Track Berlin Wall

Even the weather forecast is not very promising we decide to do the biking trail along the Berlin Wall.

The “Berlin Wall Track” follows the former border of West-Berlin.

Along the trail are many informations about the devided city. The “Cemetry of the invalides” has been more or less destroyed by  the borderline. It was here the first fugitive was killed after the building of the wall.

Every once-in-a-while pieces of the wall are visible.

Two rows of cobblestones mark the former wall.

The memorial “White Crosses” have been erected 1971 from West Berlin people to remind of the 10. anniversary of the building of the wall.

The backside of the Reichstag faced directly the wall.

The Brandenburg Gate was in no-mans-land during this time.

The DDR Museum shows this time – but not very critically.

The building of the “Ministry of Finances” has an eventful history. Built in 1936 it served as “Reichsluftfahrt-Ministerium” and was the center of power of Hermann Göring.

During the times of DDR the building was the “House of the Ministries”.

As the seat of the governmental power it became the center of the national uprising on June 17th 1953.

When we reach the famous Checkpoint Charly it starts to downpour very heavy and we find shelter in the nearby Mc Donald’s restaurant – very suitable!

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