Six Europeans visit Germany-The Pied Piper City of Hameln

After our tour to Paris three years ago it’s Germany this time. The Brits leave the ferry early in the morning in Amsterdam, the French come via Brüssel and we start from our home town. We meet in Hameln. Big hello and some bubbly – after all we haven’t seen each other for quite some time. By our little evening walk we discover there is a lot to see in Hameln. We will stay another day. Sightseeing with the bike is easy and really fun. Hameln is the center of the “Weserbergland”. The saga of the pied piper made the city well known all over the world. But its wealth achieved the city because of its fortunate position on the river Weser. Well-off merchants built richly decorated houses. Hameln developed to a gem of the so called “Weserrenaissance”. The center appears like a large outdoor museum. The rat leads us to the most important sights. As a special treat we are able to watch a performance of the saga of the pied piper on the marketplace in the afternoon.

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