From Piesport to Ediger-Eller 75 km

Almost dry we start the in the morning. We pass many nice villages but obviously we are in a rush – no time for a stop. After 18 km we reach Bernkastel, the touristic center of the Middle Moselle. Now we must take a break and view the pretty city with it’s picturesque houses!

Wow, the high water level over the years!

The riesling bubbly is very tasty – one could get used to that! But no chance – hush, hush!

The vine grows up the hills to the right and left of the river – it looks like a lot of work!

It is quite difficult to decide which restaurant to take, there are so many “Strausswirtschaften” directly on the track. But our choice is excellent and the decision for the right dish is pretty hard!

Near Zell is the smallest Moselle turn. We can either follow the river for 8km or bike (or walk) 500m up and enjoy the beautiful view. We take the alternative with the Moselle view.

Europe’s steepest vineyard is Calmont with 70%. That’s not the one but quite steep as well.

We have hit the pedals so hard we can have an afternoon break at bulay.The timing is better than yesterday because when the rain starts we sit in the beergarden – and have wine – spritzer!

The sun is back for our last kilometers to our hotel in Ediger-Eller.

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