From Ediger-Eller to Moselkern 40 km

This morning it is quite chilly and we have a lot of wind against us. But by the time we reach Cochem we have warmed up!

Cochem is THE touristic city of the river Moselle, but it has a nice athmosphere. The castle sits impressive above the city but from us nobody wants to go up.

Our bubbly in the morning starts to become a habit. We enjoy the entertainment of  the “Ladykantjes” from Belgium. We loose a bit the track of time, that’s why we have only hot dogs with curry for lunch.

We change again the sides of the river because otherwise the track would be on the road. But instead we have a rough path with a lot of puddles. You can not win all the time.

Our leg today is only 40 km. That’s why at our destination in Moselkern half the group is still fit enough to bike up to Castle Eltz. The remaining half strolls through the village and enjoys the view from the hotel and the beergarden.

The portions we get for dinner makes us believe: by biking you gain weight!

The 1. game of the German Soccer team versus Portugal (1:0) we view at the nearby campground. Our host from the hotel is Dutch. After the game Netherland versus Danmark (0:1)he is more interested in Formula 1…..

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