From Trier to Piesport 55 km

6.15 a.m. we are at the station – basically in the middle of the night. We are a group of eleven, No. 12 has offered to transportth bikes – a big help because we have to change trains twice (Weinheim – Mannheim – Kaiserslautern – Trier). We don’t have too much time for Germany’s oldest town – a short stroll through the city – because the weather forecast says heavy rain in the afternoon.

The Porta Nigra is one of the best preserved Roman town gates of the old world – built in 180 A.C.

The center of the old city is the “Hauptmarkt” surrounded by beautiful old houses.

The cathedral of Trier

The “kurfürstliche Palais”

Soon we are on the biking track. We use one of Trier’s bridges to cross to the left side of the river.

For lunch we stop a wonderful beergarden next to the Moselle.

We change sides of the river frequently to be on the better track. Though the prognosis no rain yet. A spritzer of Moselle wine to satisfy our thirst – that’s what we want. It tastes good – but the rain eventually got us. Now we are wet from the outside as well – and still 15 km to go in pouring rain!

After dinner our host offers us a wine tasting.

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