Capo Testa and ferry

At 6.30 we are woken up by a lot of noise. A herd of garbage men with truck and equipment want to clean beach. Good thing – but why today from 365 possible days??? It is not comfortable anymore and we leave. In St. Teresa our round around Sardinia is full! After more than three weeks of island driving we know the rules now: no through sign doesn’t mean a thing – at least in low season! That’s why we drive on to Capo Testa, the tony peninsula at the northern end. We are early today so no problems. The rocky peninsula is a wilderness of bizarre formed granit rocks created by millions of years of erosion by wind, water and extrem changing temperatures.

We head for Olbia to find out the departures of ferries to the mainland. We are lucky tonight is one leaving for Genua. We book a First-Class-Cabin – remember we learn!!!First class is only the position on the boat: Outside and much in front where you don’t hear the engines! The rest bunk beds, almost no room to turn and towels the size and quality of t-towels!!! We used the sheets instead… You should see the breakfast room: There was almost nothing on display! That’s all what we could snatch!

And the whole barge is rosty! Look at the flag….

But we have to say we never had such a go on and off a  boat, this was just excellent! I guess you cannot have everything…

We reach Genua at 11.30, at noon we are in the highway and 19.30 we are across the German border in Riegel where we know a good place to stay and a brewery to have great food!

The vacation on an island has come to an end: 39 days and 4 400 km!

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