Special experience at the beach…

We discover a dream beach – at least on first sight: Huge sandy bay with large parking, almost empty at this time of the year. For the first time is warm enough to take a sun bath. Swimming – no thanks! Later in the day clouds move up and a thunderstorm is on its way. I missed the chance for a sunny beach picture!

Surely this place was once planned as beautiful recreation area for tourists and people from the area but now it is fallen in rubbles and covered with sand. The offered camper facilities we find at last are totally destroyed – and not since last winter! All car owners of the villages around obviously take one round on the parking lot and one ride along the beach – one after the other! Some even do this during the night and Sunday morning the first one starts again at seven! After a closer look the shed at the end of the parking is a nice restaurant where we have a tasty dinner.

No stary sky tonight because the parking lot with us and three other cars is lit by 50 (!!!) street lanterns all night long!

So much to the dream place. Since it is pouring we move on.

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