Roundtrip through the mountains

Between high rocks the strongest spring of the island rises but we are a bit dissappointed we thought it more spectacular.

In the eucalytus grove next to the spring masks of the area are displayed.

Orgosolo is the most infamous village of the island. Reportedly it was the home of the bandits of sardinia. The problems of the herdsmen, the villages and world are displayed on the walls of the houses. But the athmosphere in the small streets was very strange…

In Nuoro our TomTom goes nuts – it drives in cricles. No street signs anymore – what shall we do? A friendly Sardian drives in front of us and shows us the way out of this labyrinth.

The twisting road goes endless up and down. The monotony of the surrounding green is only broken by the villages. At the south side of the Gennargentu Mountain the view becomes better. But we are getting short of fuel – we have to reach a more inhabitat area.

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