with the ferry to Corsica

11. – 14. April 2012: We are heading south! The first half hour I try to convince our TomTom to take the direct route to Genova. It takes some tricks but eventually it does what I want! At the Gotthard tunnel snow is falling from the sky! But at the opposite side tihe sun is almost coming out. We stay for the night in Locarno at the shore of Lago Maggiore. We are still in Switzerland but the pizza already tastes like Italy!

Next morning bright sunshine but 10 degrees! The road along the Lago is very narrow and by this traffic the driver is able to practise for Corsica!

Corsica ferries start in Savona. We book a cabin upper deck/outside cabin – we have learned our lesson (look our trip to Ireland 2006

During breakfast we pass the cloud covered Cape Corse. It is raining on Corsica! Outside Bastia we wait for the rain to stop. Around noon the sun comes out. We drive to the close-by campground. But the bus service to Bastia only operates in season. We take our bikes for a ride along Lake Biguglia. But the road is a racetrack and from the lake we only see high grown reed

During the night and the day after it is raining cats and dogs. Reading and sleeping the only solution!

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