Görlitz 15. September

Back in good old Germany! At last we are able to read the menus! But for this we have to cope with the unfriendly eastern German waitress! I really wanted to ask her if she likes her job…But nevertheless: Görlitz is a wonderful town! It is the most eastern town of Germany. The part of the city across the river Neisse has been cut off by the borderline created by WW2 and since then it is the Polish city of Zgorzelec. Görlitz sits exactly on the 15° longtitude east of Greenwich. That’s why the clocks here are more precise than elsewhere! After a strange lunch (look above) and a small stroll through the town we head for the “Sächsische Schweiz” (Saxonian Switzerland).




campsite/parking Görlitz: N 51°09’27” E 14°59’12”

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