Breslau/Wroclaw 14. September

Breslau is located in Lower Schlesien on the river Oder. For six centuries this country was ruled by Bohemians, Austrians and Prussians. That’s why this city has a unique mixture of architecture and culture. The reconstruction of the destroyed city was difficult and took till the eighties. The most important historical buildings were faithfully reconstructed. The most impressive place is of course the main market with its wonderful townhouses and the beautiful mayor house. The entrance to the famous restaurant “Ratskeller (Schweidnitzer Keller)” is under the middle tour of the mayor house. Here beer is served since 1303. Right next to it also located in a cellar is the brewery Spiz, the huge beergarden has always lots of visitors – today as well. But we get a seat and have a beer which was served with a “Schmalzbemme” (sorry, not translatable, you have to try…) For dinner we are lucky and find a small comfortable pub with excellent food.

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Campground Breslau: N 51^07’02” E 17°05’27”


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