Masuren September 12.

In the morning we wake up by the noise of thunder. We have to move from our place in the meadow close to the shore before the rain starts. But where is the key for the electric box we are hooked on??? The search is a bit hectic but eventually we find it in the gras – it must have slipped out from the pocket of the trousers. Because of the weather we skip the planned canoe trip.

We keep going across the Masurische Seenplatte, the Lake district with the thousend lakes. These are connected through rivers and channels. They create a wide system of water ways.

Nikolaiken is a touristic center in the middle of the lake district. In July and August it is for sure quite a busy place, but now out of season it is a relaxing athmosphere here.


There is more behind the horizon but we are as far east as we wanted to go for now. We turn and travel to the west now. Always very fascinating are the trees along the roads.

campsite Szeroki Bor: N 53°36.934′ E 21°38.467′

campsite Nikolaiken: N 53°48.165 E 21°34.398′


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