Rügenwalde/Darlowo 5. September

Rügenwalde is Rainer’s birthplace. But no statistics from that time, it starts 1945.

There is more to discover in the former Hanseatic city than the famous “Rügenwalder Teewurst”: A castle in which once the  Dukes of Pommern and Erik of the Vikings resided and a well-preserved Old Town with winding lanes. Not too much has not changed since our last visit 20 years ago, however – maybe a little fresh colour and a few phone stores …

The castle of the Dukes of Pommern has a 24m high tower and is the landmark of the town.


But Rügenwaldemünde / Darlowko has totally changed during the years. The sleepy fishermen’s village has become a tourist center with the awful Polish markets we have seen so often here by now. We are rather dissappointed because we liked it much better the way it has been.

campsite Jaroslwiec: N 54°31.328′ E 16°29.904′

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