further North 26.-29. September

This story is so silly – we skip the cave of Barbarossa.  We can make it to Tangermünde where we know a super campsite at the river Elbe. The free Hanseatic city of Tangermünde is situated where on the mouth of the river Tanger to the Elbe that’s where the name comes from. “Backsteingotik”(brick gothic???) all over, the old city is very good preserved and very nice.

Unfortunately our campsite is cramped full we only stay for one night. The trip through the Biosphere Reservation River Elbe is very pleasant, we like it. And the campsite at Neu Kaliss is more to our liking. grass all around us, very pleasant and we are almost by ourselves. There is also a small restaurant. The campsite is right behind the old watermill with the funny name “Findenwirunshier” .

And when even a horse buggy buggy came by the world was in order.

Next destination is Schwerin, the capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The Castle of Schwerin has been the residenz of the dukes of Mecklenburg. We will have to come back here to visit it more extensively. For today a stroll through the old city will be it, because we just make it to a pub before the rains starts.

For the night we choose a place at the Kummerower See – situated on the Mecklenburg Lake District (Mecklenburger Seenplatte). Late afternoon even when the sun comes out it is pretty cold!

campsite Tangermünde: N 52°32.254′ E 11°58.057′

campsite NeuKaliss: N 53°10’43” E 11°17’55”

campsite Kummerow: N 53°46’19” E 12°50’10”


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