The trip home

The trip home isn’t as easy as expected. Our TTT (TomTomTussi) proves once again that she is qualified for a planning over a long distance – maybe she needs a vacation… When I realise the immense detour she has chosen it is too late. Instead of Lago Maggiore we drive along Lake Garda and stay high above Lake Kaltern – like on the journey here.


The Timmelsjoch is still closed, we have to drive via the Reschenpass. But this brings us a wonderful drive through the Lechtaler Alps.



In the evening we reach Weinheim after 48 days and almost 6 800km.

Thanks to all of you who joined us during our trip. Thank you for all the nice comments and likes. May be next time you come along  again!

Cinque Terre


Cinque Terre is Italian for five villages. It is the name for a five kilometer strip at the Italian riviera. Five road cuts open up to the sea, the villages with their tiny harbors sit at the end.



The railroad line La Spezia – Genoa crosses the region via an impressive track filled with tunnels with lots of look-outs to the water.



The villages are connected by a hiking trail along the steep coastline. Unfortunately three of the four parts are closed. That’s why the hikers concentrate on this part and have to go almost in single files – even in two way traffic!

The steep hike between gardens and vineyards takes about one and a half hours.

It is the third time we are here. Once we were lucky and could walk the whole track, the last time all was totally closed and now only one part. But you have to pay for the total distance. We get the feeling it is a money making feature. We liked the hike but for sure we will not come again.


Genova “La Superba”

Always passed by – never visited!

The inhabitants call the city of Genoa “the proud one”.  You can see it used to be a very rich town. One palazzo after the other, one more glorious than the other!

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The streets are very narrow even the boulevards. When we take a side road/alley -oops, we are in the red-light district! It isn’t very easy to find the way out again…

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Somewhen we reach the harbour. The harbour of Genoa is the second largest of the Med after Marseille. The lighthouse “La Lanterna” reaches 117m above the sea level. In 1326 it was supplied only with an oil lamp to serve the sailors as guidance. Nowadays the 1000 W bulb reaches 36 sea miles.


Huge cruise liners and trapping yachts are berthing at the pier.

We are not very fond of these modern structures.


Giardino de Tarocchi

At the southern end of Tuscany we visit a not much known sight. The artist Nici de Saint-Phalle fullfilled here her dream. Twenty-two tarot figures are created as impressive sculptures. They are up to 15m high. All kind of colors, shapes and materials which remind us of Gaudi and Hundertwasser. The sculptures can be touched and in some you can even walk into.




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In the huge body of the “empress” is even flat with kitchen, bathroom and sleeping room.


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Walking down the steps make you dizzy!


Via Aurelia

From Neapel we want as fast as possible to pass Rome.


After Rome we drive along the coast on the “Via Aurelia”. This is an old Roman road which lead from Rome to Pisa along the coastline.

The modern Via Aurelia starts at the Italian capital Rome and leads north along the Mediterranian Sea to Ventimiglia on the border to France.




Of course we don’t drive that far west  but to Deiva Marina at the western edge of Cinque Terre.


Napoli Sotterraneo

Below the Naples of today is hidden a cave labyrinth of 80km. The caves are up to 40m below the street level and have been created by the digging of the yellow tuff which has been used for the houses above. The caves are partly in use since the 4th century BC.


The Greeks built cisterns in which the water from rain was guided so the inhabitants could use it as water supply wells.


During the world war  II the population seeked shelter in the caves from air raids.


Over the years many of the underground caves have been filled with garbage and debris and are not accessible anymore. Also a way to handle a problem with rubbish…


Naples seems to have this problem under controll at least for the moment – I hope this is not the reason! I haven’t seen mountains of garbage during our visit! There is a system at our campground: The garbage gets separated in different tons.


Every evening the green bags are collected and loaded on a small truck and then? Where to???


Since the city suffers always form a shortage of space the houses were built on top of each other. Researchers were sure there must be a theater from Greek/Roman times. About five years ago their search was successful. In the cellar of a small “basso” they found the remains of old walls.


A smal part could be cleared from debris and made accessible.



The remaining rest is covered by the many storeys of the houses above.

CIMG69761_new CIMG69591_new

Pizza from Napoli

One thing has become a synonym for Italy: Pizza! And the pizza originates from Napoli. With his hands the “pizzaiolo” forms a round-flat dough cake of about 20 cm diameter…


With a large wooden paddle the cakes are put in the stone oven fired by wood and baked crunchy for a few minutes.

20 cm diameter – the large pizza plate is not big enough!


Luckily we notice and can order two small ones! The pizza is the best we ever had!


Street of the Crib Makers of Napoli

In Italy there is no christmas tree but each family has a crib. There is a road in Napoli where all the crip makers live and work and sell. You can buy crips in all variations and sizes. Parts as fences, lanterns, what ever you can imagine can go in a crib. Of course all kind of different figures like soccer players, politicians or other famous people.

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